Words from my heart

Here are a few words from my heart, and a sneak peak as to the upcoming launch of my personal project!

I’ve had people laugh at my lifestyle and consider me some kind of hippie. I’ve been called weird. People look at me strange when I tell them I feed my food scraps to worms and that they produce beautiful compost which I can use to grow my food. They are shocked that I don’t sleep in a bed and that I only have one suitcase full of belongings. I see the look of pity on their faces as they try to offer me more stuff, not considering that this way of life is a choice. The truth is that I am not some weirdo. I am a human being just like the rest of you. I am choosing to live an intentional and conscious life because I think we have lost our connection with the Earth, which means we have lost the connection to ourselves and each other. When we stop working from the root, it is impossible to create sustainable change. I can’t think of anything more sacred than the Earth that we walk on, yet we knowingly and unknowingly abuse it daily as if we are entitled to own it and destroy it in any way that we choose. 

I feel sad that my lifestyle is considered extreme. I have a comfortable place to sleep, clean clothes to wear and fresh, seasonal food to eat. I have my health, my friends and my family. I have community. I have my mind that is open and clear because it isn’t distracted with things. As of late, many strangers have expressed that they are attracted to my genuineness and they feel grateful that I have taken the time to listen to them. I also find myself shocked if people take the time to listen to me, to make eye contact, to have a meaningful conversation without a phone buzzing at their side. I feel sad that we place more value in our relationships with our phones rather than real people. I feel sad that living a life that values sustainability and health is looked at with skepticism.

I often wonder what has to happen for us to mobilize and take action to begin tending to our home, our Earth? What has to happen for us to start recycling, to stop using chemicals on our bodies and our children? What has to happen for us to believe in the power of fresh food? I’ve had conversations with educated people that argue that they don’t see the value in non-GMO food, or food that isn’t processed. This is really scary folks. 

Anyone who says that I am different and this is why I can live this way is missing the point. Anyone who says that I can live this way because I am without a child is missing the point. Anyone who says that they don’t have the time to live this kind of life is definitely missing the point. Let me give you an example. When you have a dog, or child for that matter, you realize that there is an initial investment that goes into training that being and learning the ways of that being. At first, you might be putting time into that being, which initially might present as frustration, perceived regression and discouragement. You know that if you nurture that child or animal with respect and love that it will eventually pay off, but in the beginning it is hard to see and we must consciously remind ourselves of this , especially during sleepless nights and after our favorite shirt has been destroyed. One day, we suddenly realize that we are in a beautiful symbiotic dance and we know that all of our efforts were worth it. Patience has paid off. We feel empowered and respected by this mutual understanding. From this point forward, things get exponentially easier.

I hope that in our lives we will all learn to see the value of tending the land. I hope we will ask ourselves why we are putting chemicals on our lawns so that they are “green” at the expense of harming wildlife, our children and our pets. I hope we will ask ourselves where our plastic bags filled with dog poop go after they enter our garbage cans. Have we really removed our trash or have we just moved it to a landfill that is someone else’s backyard? 

In a few weeks, I will be launching a personal project of mine that involves thinking big and living small. I have dedicated countless hours to this project, because it is the right thing to do. I want to invite all of you to do the right thing, which starts by being kind to the ground beneath your feet. Remember that there is nothing more important than being able to access fresh food and if we disrespect the ground beneath our feet, we lose the capacity to feed our bodies, our minds and our children. Without our health, we have nothing. 

Stay tuned for the launch of my “Tiny Living, Big Thinking” Campaign on Monday July 14th! Together, we can create sustainable change! The time is now!

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2 thoughts on “Words from my heart

  1. Wow, im in here teying to start an off grid community. I read your message it gave me goosebumps, theirs a person like me! Theres hope for humanity!!! ❤

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